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The good news: Last week I found out that I will be able to take 4 months maternity leave, half of which I will get paid for. I'm very pleased about that. I'm over the moon about that, in fact.

The bad news: My higher-ups weren't exactly enthusiastic about my plan to work from home one day a week when I return.

Nate's reaction to this was quite the opposite of mine. I shut my office door so I could get all red, blotchy, and teary in private. I call Nate for some sympathy and kind words and he says, "Well, that was a bit of a pipe dream anyway, don't you think?"

No I don't. I'm countering with other options. You can't say no to a second well-crafted memo! I cannot just shrug my shoulders and say, "Well, okay. I thought I'd try but I guess I'll forget about seeing my kid more and the cost of childcare and all of that."

What really irks me is that I could do my job in a cave in Bolivia. (Are there caves in Bolivia?) All I need is my trusted idiom dictionary to help me be clever when I simply can't do it myself, a computer, and a telephone. You know what? I barely even need a phone. I ignore most calls anyway. However, most of my meetings do involve a conference call to someone. I see no reason why I can't be that someone.

Where's this flexible schedule I always read about? Where's this family-friendly workplace that's touted in magazines?
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