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I have patience for certain things, like puzzles, homemade spaghetti sauce, and slow moving but well done movies. This skill tends to go right out the window, however, when it comes to getting this babyís room ready.

The baby shower loot has been in the house less than a day and itís all put away and organized. (Iím sure Iíll change things up in a week or so, but thatís beside the point.) Nate even put together a shelving unit thingy for me to accommodate my must-do-it-now disorder. (Thanks honey!)

Now that shower season is over and the baby is less than 10 weeks away (dear God!)óIím officially allowed to move full steam ahead at an alarming rate (aka freak the !#@& out). Diapers, baby wipes, nursing pads, special baby laundry detergentóall need to be bought! The rocker, the pump, the mobile: needed! (Okay, so the mobile isnít needed. I want it.) The cord blood situation: figure it out! Pack a bag! Write thank-you notes!

I need a dry erase board. They help in these situations, donít they?
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