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Aside from enjoying multiple yummy orange foods at Thanksgiving (best squash ever) and seeing my sister’s newly purchased home (next to a pond, no less), this weekend entailed more baby showering—this time in Maine.

It’s all quite overwhelming and surreal and wonderful at the same time: the center-of-attention thing, the mass influx of baby goodies, being surrounded by roughly 50 newly-acquired relatives. (Nate helped me with the name run-through this morning. Two Anns, two Saras, two Laurie’s, one Kristin, one Christine, and 40+ others. I so kick ass with the name game, fyi.)

My mother-in-law Kathy was the gracious hostess. Nate jokingly said that the shower was 50% for us and 50% for her. Her two younger sisters are already grandmothers, you see. She has been waiting for this little one. It seems almost cruel to give her this grandchild and then keep the kid 360 miles away.

Am I the only woman on Earth who would actually like her in-laws to move down the street?

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