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Since itís a bitch to find a maternity Halloween costume (and Nate refused to go with my Project Runway idea: Me as Laura and him as Neckface), this is what we came up with. Iím sure the baby will one day be very proud that I was able to incorporate him/her into the fun.

One exceedingly wasted guest seemed quite floored that an honest-to-goodness pregnant person was at a party. Others were like, ďyouíre not really pregnant are you?Ē I think, perhaps, the presence of the preggo nun confused them. (Alas, her baby was a sofa cushion.) Another was trying to convince me that babies would be so much cooler if they came being able to dance already. (He does have a point.) And Nate made a dad friend. Through the haze of too many beers, Nate and his new buddy chatted about midwives, daycare, and the fact that you never stop worrying that youíre doing it all wrong. The fact that this conversation was happening at 2 am between a pirate and a spider was all very charming.
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