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Birthing class #2 was way better than birthing class #1. We had a substitute instructor. She had a Julianne Moore quality, showed videos (she’s a sub, after all), and swore a little. And when all the husbands and wives had to face each other and practice some breathing, she didn’t make me partner up with her—she just let me do it myself. (Nate couldn’t make this class, you see.)

She also offered these bits of wisdom:
> Feel free to have sex during early labor. It keeps you occupied and could speed the process. (Plus, last chance for 6 weeks.)

> Bring bendy straws with you to the hospital so you can drink water regardless of your position.

> If you start labor at night, have a glass of wine and/or a Benadryl and go back to sleep.

> Loose lips make for loose lips. (Feel free to interpret that one yourself.)

Also, she reminded me of something I totally forgot about: Squeezing helps pain. When I was a kid and in the hospital a lot thanks to cancer, I’d squeeze my moms hand really, really, really hard when something hurt. When her hand wasn’t around, I’d squeeze Buster. Buster hasn’t been a pain management tool in years, but I think I may take him with us when some birthing needs to be done. Nate’s hands will need a break.
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