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We had our first childbirth prep class today. While I am happy that Nate and I are doing this, I have to say, I was underwhelmed. Sitting on the floor for three hours and sharing "my fears" with the class isn't exactly my style. Plus, our classmates were an unusual bunch.

The couple sitting next to us wrote down everything the instructor uttered. I mean, every word--and drew diagrams! Another pair talked to each other in an indistinguishable language for the duration of the class. And one woman kept asking if you really had to push. Huh? It's not gonna just crawl out. (This woman is also banking on using no drugs. I guarantee she'll be the first one yelping for the epidural.)

There was some interesting stuff though. I was pleased that the shitting-while-pushing scenario was put out there instantly. I enjoyed the life-size felt placenta and the ensuing placenta discussion. (Nate twisted his face up and said: "You're going to ask to see it, aren't you?") The cookies were good. What mostly kept us entertained was watching my stomach pulse through my shirt with little baby swirling around in there.
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