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A few weeks ago, Eileen told me that two of her friends recently named their new baby boys the same name that currently sits high atop our baby boy name list. Then yesterday, a coworker tells me that her cousin had a bambino this weekend and used the same name.

I don't know any of these people, one was named after his father, and they all live in different states. But still! If there's a little boy in there, I want this name to work out. Plus, the majority of Nate's other top picks frighten me. (I mean, Kermit has been brought up!)

So I emailed The Baby Name Wizard herself, asking her take on the name—first, middle, last—the whole kit and caboodle. (She tracks naming trends and has written an addicting blog and book.) And she actually emailed me back! This makes me supremely happy. Her take:

[The name’s] overall popularity is totally flat. I do expect [the name] to creep up a bit in the next few years...but only selectively. There are some signs that it could become the next “Henry.” It's not too common overall, but a hit among professionals. Personally, I think [the first, middle, and last name] is a knockout of a name!

Woooo!! I feel better now. I think it’s safe to say we are good to go when it comes to naming whoever is in my womb.

(Pictured is the one and only piece of baby clothes I’ve allowed myself to buy.)
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