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The thing with losing your mom when youíre 20 is that you never really get to learn some key things about her. I donít know anything about her pregnancies. I donít know if she had morning sickness, how much weight she gained, if she craved kooky foods. And I know very little about what our births were like and how she handled being a first-time mom, or having two little girls only 13 months apart.

All I really know isÖ
Both my sister and I were delivered relatively quickly.
For my sister's birth, my dad accidentally entered the wrong delivery room.
Tracy had colic.
I was a good sleeper.
I couldnít tolerate breast milk.

But today, after spending a part of my afternoon in my dadís basement, I unearthed some weathered pictures from my momís baby shower. Here she is, one month before giving birth to my sister, proudly standing by the sweet, white crib.

I picked out a white crib, too.
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