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I feel like since I've seriously started showing, I've unintentionally started to focus more on being pregnant than being a parent. Since the latter lasts a whole lot longer, I should probably devote more mental energy to that, huh?

One big thing on our becoming-parents to-do list: Figuring out our work schedules. Here is my fantasy: My bosses see that I'm so darn productive and valuable that when I ask to work in the office four days a week and "work" from home on the fifth day, they are totally game. And, of course, Nate's big boss agrees to the exact same set-up. No salary changes, of course.

I think I have a good shot. My company was just given big fat kudos from Working Mother magazine, after all. But it would really mean the world to me if Nate was able to do the work-from-home thing one day a week, too. Not only would we save money on childcare (score!) but think of all the honest-to-goodness empathy we'd have for one another. We'd be equally sharing this amazing/overwhelming experiencing. We'd both have the opportunity to witness never-to-happen-again firsts. We'd both know first hand how hard/awesome it is to be The One that the munchkin relies on.

Let's hope the powers that be all feel the same way.
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