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Tonight, my belly and enormous boobs rode in a prom-worthy limo. Nate and I went to Long Island for a lovely dinner with Chris and Angela. They won it at a silent auction. (Thanks guys!)

The baby was kicking up a storm during the main course. In fact, he/she has been making its presence known quite a bit lately. Nate can now feel the gymnastics, too, which is pretty exciting.

Feeling the baby has certainly made the idea that it will eventually need to come out more of a reality. While I wouldnít say Iím scared of the whole birthing process, I am starting to think we should be a little more prepared. You see, Iíve never pushed a 6-10 pound being out of my nether regions before. It seems like something that a class may help. So we signed up for oneóone that supposed to help do this whole thing sans drugs. I'm thinking that taking no meds will help move the process along faster; that Iíll be able to do a better job if I can actually feel whatís happening. Makes sense, right? Right?

When I asked Nate how he felt about doing this au natural, he said, ďThatís fine. Iíll just ask for drugs if I need them.Ē Ha, ha.

Itís probably not a bad philosophy to have though.

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