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This afternoon, I accompanied a coworker to my favorite sandwich shop so she could get a snack. I already had a snack. In fact, I walked into the place with a Tasti-D in hand. While the lovely counter girl bagged my friend's cookie, she looked at me and said "and one for the baby," and dropped an extra treat in the bag for me.

How nice is that? Of course, I ate it. Baby likes cookies.

Aside from free cookies, here, a hodgepodge of other things I enjoy about being preggo:
1. Strangers smile at me.
2. Nate has taken to complementing me more often. (I think he's so grateful that I haven't exploded into a giant fat ass that he's trying to encourage me.)
3. He also takes any bag I'm carrying out of my hands when I meet up with him on the subway at night.
4. When I get catcalled, it's punctuated with "mama."
5. Feeling the little one squirm when songs I like come on the radio. (Looks like we have another SexyBack fan in the fam.)

And a few things that are less enjoyable:
1. My stomach sits on my thighs when I sit down. On my thighs, people!
2. My undies are too tight and leave marks on said thighs.
3. Having subway riders purposefully avert their eyes so they don't have to get up.
4. Not being able to get into any get-ready-for-baby class I want because New York is filled with crazy organized parents-to-be.
5. Tuna, wine, and goat cheese. I miss you. I still love you. Soon, we will be together again.
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