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I think today, having a baby is an exercise in both denial and hope. It sort of has to be or no one would reproduce. I for one, need to bury my head in sand just a little bit. If I thought too much about the fact that we are at war; that we live in a city that doubles as a terrorist target; that our government puts a very low value on motherhood, on eductation, on fostering goodwill, on maintaining a healthy environment, this baby would not be on the way. I mean, who in their right mind wants to bring a person into a world that's such a mess?

So instead, I choose to focus on what this baby means to me and Nate and the people we love. I think about the enormous change that will occur in our tiny corner of the universe: emotionally, socially, financially. And I hope that we will make this little person very proud and that when he/she grows up, he/she will bury their head just enough to live their life and be happy, too.
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