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Registering for wedding gifts was easy. Find cool things, click the registry gun, wait a few months, and voila, presents you love. No ones health or safety depended on what plates / glasses / sheets we picked. Not so with baby.

I’ve been driving myself (and Nate) slightly batty with my nightly Web surfing, list making, and safety cross-referencing—searching for the items we need for little one. It’s pretty overwhelming. I mean, do I seriously need the doodad that warms bottles?

In an effort to curb my insanity, I took it on the road—with Nate in tow, of course. Destination: Babies R Us. I thought seeing everything in person would help. It sort of helped, but it sort of made me a little more nutty. It’s the strollers, really. They make me the craziest. Did you know you can’t put a newly born person in the majority of strollers? You have to wait about three months? Nate’s like, who cares, we’ll just strap the kid on until he/she is stroller-ready. Um, no thanks.

Of course, about an hour later we chatted with a random woman who had her one-month old in a regual ol stroller. "This is my second," she shrugged.
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