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I'm not super-pregnant, so I don't expect my fellow subway passengers to instinctively know that I've got a baby on board. Sure, a few nice women have noticed and graciously offered their seat for me. But for the most part, nothing. No biggie. Like I said, I'm not that pregnant yet. However, I particularly noticed this lack of seat-giving-upness tonight. I was sporting a cute (non-maternity) empire waist top and my belly was looking pretty plump by 7pm. (It always looks bigger at the end of the day.) I caught my refection in the window and thought, "Dang, I look pregnant." (At the very same moment, "I'm still standing" came on my iPod. More proof that the pod is psychic.)

Anyway, the good people of Tokyo have come up with a plan to help ensure prego ladies get seats. The subway folks are providing pregnant women with badges that read: "There's a baby in my belly." I have to say, I doubt it would make a difference in New York City. Probably not in London, either. Check this out.
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