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My friend Tracy is a natural with kids. She worked at a special needs camp when we were in high school. She was a nanny in college. And today, she teaches autistic children. Her mere presence enchants little people.

Case in point: During Tracy's surprise bridal shower, this sweet little girl approached the bride-to-be with such a look of awe. She had to meet Tracy. While I'm sure the traditional rubber duckie veil (don't ask) caught the little one's attention, believe you me, it was just Tracy that lured this little girl over.

Tracy has a mom vibe. Some people just have that--that thing that kids are attracted to. That something that makes people say, "You'll be a great mom." I don't exactly have that. No one has ever accused me of being a natural around children. I often don't know what to do around them. After all, I've had close to no baby or toddler interaction in my life. Even my teenage babysitting days revolved around kids who were old enough show off their Nerf paraphernalia, sticker albums, and video games. I do much better with people who I can shoot the shit with.

While I may never have that mom vibe like Tracy does, I really hope that once this little alien arrives, I'll have stolen enough from Tracy to make me ok at this whole thing.
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