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This is my stomach. Oddly enough, it looks pretty much the way it has always looked. Crazy that there's a tiny alien-looking person hanging out in there, huh?

It's true; I saw it today! In actuality, I saw it for the first time just after Mother's Day when a pale pink plus sign let me know it was there (actually 3 plus signs, one clear-as-day "you're pregnant," and one urine test). But it was a teeny blob in the shape of a peanut then. A tiny blob that took a bit of time to find with the rolly ultrasound thingy. This time, as soon as the warm jelly hit my stomach, there it was flashing all five fingers, waving almost. It even did a little somersault. What a ham. (Nate: It's yours!)

Till today, this has all been so very abstract. Sure I pee more and am finally rockin' some decent cleavage, but I look pretty much the same. And I feel the same, just a wee bit more tired. It has kind of been this thing that Nate and I knew was true, but couldn't quite get our heads around the reality of it all. Not that we've really got our heads around anything now, either. But seeing that little hand made it way more real. To add to the reality of it, I thought I'd return to the land o blogs and share all the craziness that's sure to ensue. Stay tuned.

PS. I'm sort of freaking out.
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